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Michel Cioffi was born in Paris where he completed classical and university studies (faculty of law-University of Paris). He later taught French in translator-interpreter schools, parliamentary interpreters and language high schools after receiving specific training in language teaching through images.

He quickly moved on to conceiving and making educational films for language teaching.
The films were initially shot in 16mm film. The most significant was " Live from England " entirely shot in England with the participation of more than 80 professional actors. He is director as well as co-author of the film. This realization led him to work in the U.S.A. where he created and directed the audiovisual production department of the largest group of language schools, then owned by the Macmillan publishing group.
Upon returning to Europe he temporarily leaves teaching to devote himself to making cultural films and documentaries that take him to many countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Romania, Soviet Union and Russia ; Central America, Mexico, Peru, Rwanda, North Ossetia and others).
He discovered online teaching and rediscovered his old teaching passion that never left him.
He creates and publishes more than 20 language courses on the Udemy platform.
He is often requested for private French teaching by doctors, magistrates, journalists and university students.